About the Website

This website started as part of the seminar in Consumer Channel Dynamics taught at the MSc in Economics & Business (Marketing) and later of the Information Strategy course taught at the MSc in Business Administration (Management) at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The website was created by professors Dimitris Tsekouras and Benedict Dellaert in 2011 and has received throughout the last years enthusiastic participation from students. Moreover, some posts were mentioned in other sites and in the RSS feed of ERIM (Erasmus Research Institute of Management) website. The website has benefited extensively from George Panagos, both at administrative and content creation level.

In this website, we aim at co-creating a platform incorporating insights from academia and business practices, in order to gain a better understanding of how firms and consumers interact in order to create greater value. Examples of current businesses that apply business models that involve active customer participation are discussed. These examples may refer to firms in any part of the world and the main aim is to develop a rich set of illustrations of up-to-date applications of active customer involvement.

We encourage you to handle the website as part of the whole learning experience and post/comment without any hesitation.

Dimitris Tsekouras & Benedict Dellaert

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