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Priceline: A Two-Way Price Interaction

Ever wished you could name your own price for a flight or hotel? For those who have the urge to secure the best deals Priceline.com offers the perfect platform.

While Priceline.com — yes, the one with the annoying father—daughter commercials — enjoys a well established position in the travel industry in the United States, parts of Europe’s mainland are still waiting for their own version of the “name-your-price” travel website. Hence, it is interesting to briefly consider the ingredients behind the success of Priceline.com in the U.S.

With services ranging from a car rental interface to cruise bookings, Priceline.com offers a platform for both professional and leisure travelers to connect with offering companies. While this is nothing special these days, the ‘name your own price’ function that the website boasts offers a unique opportunity to interact with the offering travel companies: it allows the user to set a price for a particular service. Continue reading Priceline: A Two-Way Price Interaction