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Get the London Look – Snap, Try and Buy

Any girl has heard about Rimmel London (remember: get the london look?) at least once in her life, or has seen the advertisements often containing a celebrity, such as Kate Moss. Now, unfortunately most of us do not look like Kate Moss (no offense), which means that make-up that looks amazing on her, might look a bit less amazing on us. But do you really wanna buy all the products she wears, only to realize that the look shown in the advertisement does not suit you?

Ofcourse not!

Luckily, Rimmel has realized this, and came up with a solution: the Get The London Look app! The app works as follows (Rimmel, 2017):

  1. SNAP – Take a picture of a makeup look in a magazine or from a real person
  2. TRY – Try her look virtually live in the app
  3. SHARE – Share your look with friends
  4. BUY – Buy any product from the app

So, for example, I see Kate Moss in a magazine (preferably in a Rimmel London ad, otherwise I still cannot buy the right product haha), I snap a photo of her look, try it out on myself and if I am unsure, I send the look to my friends. I was really eager to try out the app, but I couldn’t find it in the Dutch iTunes app store. Further, when I tried sending up for an email with the download link through the Rimmel London website, I could not click on ‘accept the terms & conditions’. Not a very good promotion of the app, I’d say 😉

So, what about the efficiency criteria?

If the app indeed works, the joint profitability criteria is definitely met. The consumers benefit from using the app, as they do not need to go the store to get a look done on them or buy unnecessary products that do not suit them. Even though the company had to invest in creating the app, the app will allow them -in my opinion- to obtain more customers. For example, when people try out looks and are happy they obtained a product, they will come back. Further, allowing customers to share looks with their friends will probably make their friends eager to use the app and purchase products as well.

Further, I think the app would be a lot of fun to use. It is always nice to see different make-up looks on yourself (as a girl, at least) and if you want to have extra fun, you can even try it out on guys 😉 To see for yourself, here are two screenshots from the app (taken from here in case you’d like to see more).

screen696x696 screen696x696-1








As with the Lancôme: future of beauty blog, the institutional environment is less relevant in this case. Further, the feasibility requirement is met, as the app already exists and has quite some positive reviews on the app store (see here).

If someone manages to download the app, please let me know what you think of it and perhaps we can try it out in class!

To find out more: https://uk.rimmellondon.com/get-the-look/virtual-makeover