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The Few and Far Between

Co-creation or consumer participation is a concept that reminds us of customers that help creating a product for a company. Take for example Lays or Nike. Their customers help in creating a unique pair of sneakers or selecting the taste for the weirdest flavors for their products.

But not all companies wish to create a new or innovative product, some companies just want to engage consumers with their brand. This can be done by starting a multimedia campaign for example. To make this work, you don’t necessarily need creative consumers. In the case of Jack Daniels sharing some of your favorite drinking stories will do!

Jack Daniels started a campaign called ‘The Few and Far Between’ in September 2014. For this campaign they had to search for people that had a great story to tell, so that they could post them on the website. When entering the website you can view 7 videos, listen to 11 audio stories or read on of the 6 written stories that consumers of Jack Daniels have posted. More stories will be added later this year. By engaging their consumers, Jack Daniels is creating a virtual gathering place where consumers can share their greatest drinking stories with the world.

The marketing team behind this concept argues that Jack is a brand that is rich in storytelling, and that is therefore makes perfect sense to find good bar stories all across America. In total the team has heard over a 1000 stories, but they only picked the best ones to be posted on their website.

Although this campaign might seem a bit unconventional, it could very well turn out in a great success. As mentioned on their website, people love drinking stories. So it is not that strange that the producer of the best selling whiskey in the world decided to create this platform. And by engaging their customers, Jack Daniels makes sure that they maintain the increase in their brand value (and  21 years of consecutive growth).

Oh and by the way, to avoid stimulating people to drink excessively they made a disclaimer that says: ‘You can’t tell a story you don’t remember. Please drink responsibly’.