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Have You Heard of Growth Hacking?

I stumbled upon this article recently about one startup company in Asia that presented their latest product to an audience, called App Virality. What this product does is allowing web developers to monitor their application’s usage like an analytical dashboard and to grow their application ‘organically’ with tools such as surveys or polls and in-app testing (Millward, 2014). While I was interested in this app, but I was more intrigued by this term which is heavily used in the article, Growth Hacking. According to the article, App Virality is essentially “a growth hacking toolkit” for app developers but what does this mean?

You would think that the term growth hacking has bad connotation. However this terms is actually introduced by the Sean Ellis, the man who helps various internet companies in Silicon Valley achieve growth in their startup stage, when he searched for his replacement in every startup company he worked for (Patel & Taylor, n.d.). This is Sean Ellis job advertisement:

Growth Hacker Ad

Growth Hacker Ad (source: QuickSprout.com)

Basically growth hacker is a person whose job is to grow companies using methods beyond traditional marketing. The term hacker was added because hacker is often referred to someone who is ingenious in finding solution that often overlooked by people when achieving his/her goal which in this case is growth (Patel & Taylor, n.d.).

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