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Create your own photo book, customization by Albelli


In the case of customization and consumer involvement, making your own personal photo book online is a good example which is nowadays very popular. Create your own photo book, online or with software which can be downloaded, is a well-known business application offered by a vast number of suppliers (e.g. Albelli,, Blokker, Kruidvat, HEMA) in the Netherlands. However, it is very popular and many consumers wants to save their beautiful memories (e.g. holidays, family reunions, weddings, birthdays) in personal photo books, on canvasprints, calendars and many other products. Continue reading Create your own photo book, customization by Albelli, Your friend with a car


What is it about?

Think of Lyft as on-demand ridesharing application that lets you order a car ride from one point to another and an affordable alternative to a cab. “It’s your friend with a car on demand,” says John Zimmer, co-founder of the San Francisco startup. In fact Lyft is a mobile app that uses real-time location data on your phone to let you find a background-checked driver in your area in minutes Continue reading, Your friend with a car

Share a Coke

One more successful idea from Coca-Cola surprised the consumers last summer! “Share a Coke” with your friends, family and loved ones! The message was spread and Coca Cola increased its sales and website traffic rapidly.

The campaign started in 2011 in Australia with the classic Coca-Cola and it was mostly focus on the young ages between 18-25. The results were astonishing,  youth consumption was rapidly increased and the traffic in Coca-Cola website increased by 870%. Two years later in UK the campaign launched again but this time all the three types of Coca-Cola were available.

Share a Coke

The most common names were printed on bottles and cans which were available in supermarkets. The next step was to transform the campaign more direct and personal. In selected spots consumers were able to create their own products with a name of their choice. Long human cues in several cities and people holding the “special” bottle or can contributed effectively to the launch of the new Coca-Cola campaign.

In September, after the end of the tour, Coca-Cola still offers the opportunity to consumers to “Share a Coke”. The campaign in social media continues and individuals still have the opportunity to create their own online bottles and share it. For example “Tweet your photos @cokezone with #shareacoke” or through the facebook page.

Coca-Cola is a company which follows a specific strategy, to connect consumers’ personal experiences with its products. Advertisements related to family moments or Christmas time constitutes usually the concept. Summer 2013 was definitely a period marked by the logo “Share a Coke”! The main goal was to persuade consumers to share the experience of drinking a Coca-Cola with favorites such as family, friends and partner. The chance of creativity and the appearance of names in the package attracted individuals to participate in the campaign. The company succeed to offer a product affordable and personal and simultaneously to make everybody fells unique and special.

Once again Coca-Cola adapts to the market environment and proves that the well-structured marketing strategy which follows can be successful. Combining the traditional with the modern and challenge the customer to participate actively, not only increased sales but also generated a special relation between the company and customers.

Maria Nikolaidou (371861)

A spectacular way of customer involvement


Entertaining or amusing.. these are the first words that might come to mind when seeing various television commercials. Commercials are often funny and sometimes imaginative, but  can firms met the expectations created in these commercials? Dutch telecom provider KPN leaves nothing to chance after broadcasting the 4G television campaign and involved the customers in an original way to test it.

The campaign
In the summer of 2013 the 4G network covered half of the Netherlands. KPN started a huge campaign to promote the 4G principle. The telecommunication service provider Continue reading A spectacular way of customer involvement

Enhancing Customer Experience : Touchscreen T-Shirt by Under Armour

Hi guys!

Do you know something about “wearable technology”? Imagine: clothing and accessories incorporating some advanced technology capabilities. These kind of innovations are the real example of how technology is nowadays part of our everyday life.

In this post I would like to talk about one of the latest wearable technology that will be released on the 20th of March by Under Armour: Armour39. It is an athletic performance monitoring system that measures how hard an athlete pushes him or herself during a Continue reading Enhancing Customer Experience : Touchscreen T-Shirt by Under Armour

Corona Light on Facebook

A few years ago the mexican company “Crown Import” hired the advertising agency Pereira O’Dell for the “Corona Light “Most Liked” on Facebook” campaign. Targeting young consumers the brand raised awareness through showing user submitted photos on a billboard on Times Square in New York. After liking Corona’s Facebook page users are allowed to upload their photo and afterwards the photo will be displayed on the billboard. It is a very smart way to involve your customers. Combining offline and online technics, the integrated markting campaign succeed to increase the fans of the Facebook page up to 6000% just for 2 months. This marketing activity creates value for the two parties – consumers take part into something excitement and “Corona Light” increases the brand awareness. Instead of designing expensive billboards with expensive endorsers for example, the company decided to promote their product with the faces of their customers and fans.

Apple & the Ultimate Customer Experience

The way of doing business is changing. Customers have higher expectations and customer experience is very important nowadays.

And this is the way Apple works, they care a lot about the customer experience. This is the main reason why they have a very strong brand, everyone knows about Apple. Their goal is to let the customer feel better. As you can see in the video.

Scott McKain had a ultimate customer experience with the App store and he is sharing it Continue reading Apple & the Ultimate Customer Experience

Unox New Years Dive

As we have been speaking a lot about customer experiences that are related with brand (like the Heineken experience) I started thinking about other similar examples where this happens in dutch society.

Unox is a ‘Authentic Dutch’ ( brand of Unilever and Unilever has created a really famous yearly event – The Unox New Year Dive in Scheveningen. All hats, handgloves, etc. are sponsored by Unox and after dipping in the sea you can eat all Unox Continue reading Unox New Years Dive

5 Star Customer Experience

This video explains the new era, the next generation of customer services. What is the centre of your business? IT can be everything: sales , profit, media , Facebook, marketing, growth. Nowadays is the age of the customer, everything must be customer centric and oriented. The consumer has information, has a choice and a voice and the manager should be aware of that. The customer wants more, that more that he expects is “great customer service “. The next generation of customer service is “Customer Experience” from the beginning of the process until the end!!

what is a Customer Experience?

This video is about a company, Custvox, that helps listen and understand the voice of the consumers as well as helps managing the quality of the offered experience. It is being explained that in nowadays, retaining the, already, existing customers is considered to be one of the most important things, since we are living in the “Experience Economy” . We are experiencing the “Customer Centric Culture”. An example is being described, explaining how a coffee bean can be interepreted as a commodity, as a good to compare in a super market, as a competing service, as a memorable event, or even as everything above, in total. It is being indicated that the level of differentiation from the offered corporate experience is a factor influencing the level of leadersip position. Finally, it is being mentioned that whatever is the industry, the most important competitive advantage is the high quality of the offered experience. “Let the customer drive.”

NSFW. A hunter shoots a bear!

Hi everyone!

After reading the post below from George about interaction with advertisements I remembered a very interesting and interactive video on you tube of Tipp-Ex company. After a short introduction with a hunter and a bear that catches your attention, you are given the opportunity to choose the ending of the video and actually see immediately your story. What is more they use the product in such a way that you cannot miss it.

Using such a technique creates greater effect between the advertisement and the consumers. As we can see in this example they reached more than 20 million views with all the world spreading out their campaign.

Putting the consumer in the procedure with interaction maximizes visibility and interest in the product or service.

Have fun making scenarios!

Nikol Fotaki 372645



Here is a very interesting interactive video ( When you open it click on ”pause”, change video quality, language and generally speaking, press any button available, in order to see the changes of the online environment. It is fun!

Last week, when we discussed the case concerning social media, we spent a lot of time on annoying, pop-up, youtube advertisments. Do you believe that an ad, just as interactive as the video I posted, could have a greater effect on a user than a conventional commercial?


creating brand communities

What is interesting about this video is that it does not only talk, just, about how the brand communities are being created, but it is about a company who promises to create your own brand community..The following video is an advertisement of a company, Dynamic Signal, who promises to deliver to companies custom analysis of their brand influencers in order to be able and create their own brand community. It is stated, in the video, that in our modern times the consumers can connect to whatever they want, whenever they want spending a large amount of their valuable time in the web in niche categories that interest them the most. In addition to that, the increased role of the social media, plays, also, a huge role in increasing the involvement of each brand with its devoted enthusiasts. This Continue reading creating brand communities

“Use waiting time as shopping time” (Individual blog – Rachelle Leukel)

Nowadays, we are living in an extremely fast-paced world. Somehow it seems like many people are always in a rush. Everyday activities and necessities may even seem to become burdens. One example of this is doing groceries.

But, do not worry! The solution might not be far. Actually, in South Korea it already exists. South Korea is one of the most hard working countries and many do not have the time to go to the supermarket. Tesco has been working on an innovative way to engage the consumer in order to make grocery shopping more convenient.

After an initial trial in July of 2011, Tesco Homeplus opened the “world’s first virtual store” in the subway in Seoul, South Korea. The walls, pillars and screen doors of the subway are Continue reading “Use waiting time as shopping time” (Individual blog – Rachelle Leukel)

Canon “Photochains”

A few years ago Leo Burnet created a brilliant integrated campaign for Canon Australia. Using completely unique and original idea the company established the brand image of Canon EOS as a creative and inspiring. The campaign succeed to raise awareness, extend the time people spend on the website and even involve photographers who use other brands. The example shows how consumers could be connected to a chain via simple online platform and an innovative idea. Enjoy the video 🙂

The Secret behind Zara’s success

The demands of consumers is changing rapidly and the access to information and communication technologies are transforming the supply chain into a network of partnerships. Nowadays most of the companies innovate due to information of consumers through fashion magazines, fashion shows, blogs, social media and forums. Consumers are constantly talking about the newest fashions and are longing to have the new collection of the fashion designers. However, these products of fashion designers are too expansive for most consumers. Zara is doing it differently. Zara segments its market into a set of customers who share the same or similar set of needs and wants, which are customers who are aware of fashion. Instead of asking consumers what they want, Zara goes to fashion shows or meets with the designers to decide where there is a trend.  After identifying a promising fashion, Zara simply goes into action.

zara beginning

Continue reading The Secret behind Zara’s success

Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding

Open innovation, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are terms that you may came across for the the first time during the class. Here are two great videos that explain those terms and show the way they can be used in real life.

The first one is an interview of Dwayne Spradlin, CEO of Innocentive Inc., a company that emphasizes on open innovation. He provides some definitions, raises questions such as ” should companies see their laboratory as their world or the world as their laboratory” and Continue reading Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding