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Just what the doctor subscribed

People are lazy. We always try to maximize our efficiency by minimizing our efforts. Some would call it progress, others the definition of efficiency, but in fact, it is plain laziness. In dutch we have the following saying: ‘gemak dient de mens’. This roughly translates to: ‘it’s nice not to make an effort’. Nowadays, not making an effort is exactly what we are searching for; in everything that we do.

Almost everything you think of already has a ‘subscribe now’ option. It seems as if humanity is being automated. You don’t even have to decide to buy something; before you notice something is running empty and some new item is already delivered to your residence.

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The practical relevance of academic research

Academic research. Some hate it and some love it. Even though you might hate it, you can’t deny that there’s no way around it; especially during your college years. What some of us might fail to see though, is, the practical relevance of some of these researches. Moreover, how do some of these somewhat boring articles change the way the consumers perceive things and influence long existing business models?

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