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What is a Customer Experience?

CustVox, a powerhouse of customer intelligence, has been the driving force behind the adoption of Customer Experience Management (CEM) by many international corporations, delivering actionable business insights that add significant value to their business. Custvox created a video where they answer the question: “What is a customer experience?” They try to explain the importance of the customer experience. They state that “a CEO can lose up to 40% of its customers in one year, and nowadays more than ever it is important to retain existing clients while adopting a customer centric culture.” They give an example of the customer experience management.

In my understanding Nespresso managed to perfectly prove how commodities such as coffee beans transferred into memorable experience. “The ultimate coffee experience positioning inspired an identity that expresses the pursuit of perfection and the masculine and feminine characters of coffee.” The elegant and unique graphic style of Nespresso extended to accessories, cups, assortment boxes, products, colour coding, packaging, boutiques, window merchandising, and professional division. In Nespresso boutiques all 5 senses are combined: the customers can get all the important information about the coffee, see different coffee machines and types of the coffee, try to make coffee themselves, smell the amazing coffee aromas, and of course, taste it.

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Getting Started Social Media Advertising on Facebook, YouTube & LinkedIn

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After our class on Thursday (January 19), I was inspired to look at how the ads can be created on such websites as Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.  While posting an ad on each of these social networks, it is important to take into consideration such points as, for example, how suitable the channel for your goals is, the target audience, resources, timeline, and ability to measure.
Let’s have a look at the article “Getting Started Social Media Advertising on Facebook, YouTube & LinkedIn” written by Lee Odden (
As consumer use of and time spent on social media sites increases, the opportunities for effective advertising become more attractive to companies in search of customers to connect with.   We’ve given the advice that to grow a social network, a company should participate and engage with communities of interest.
That’s still great advice, just as it is to consider different advertising options within relevant social channels to create awareness, keep a brand top of mind or to suggest timely and relevant offers.   Advertising tools made available by social platforms are also useful research tools when collecting demographic information used with personas in organic social media marketing.
For marketers just getting started with advertising on social media sites, here’s a quick rundown on programs available through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Groupon and Foursquare.  As with organic social media marketing, each is appropriate according to your own goals, the customers you’re trying to reach, resources, timeline and ability to measure.

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