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Into the Darkness

Disclaimer: Don’t worry, this post ain’t related to any kind of dark power, magic or any other horrifying stuffs. So… continue scrolling in peace. 🙂

Having stayed in Singapore for 8 years, I have always been impressed on the varieties of dining out options it offers. For a country as small as this little red dot, Singapore has grown into an international haven for the foodies. From the traditional food court for simple and cheap local delights, the recent craze of ramen (Japanese noodle) huts and coffee places, to the top-notch Michelin star restaurants; Singapore gastronomy business indeed never sleeps. Now, living thousand miles away from Singapore doesn’t keep me away from the updates of new cool restaurants popping up there (thanks to the social network and my circle of friends who always likes to ‘boast’ around). Well, this was how I came across Nox, Dine in the Dark.

Nox opened less than a year ago in Singapore. The concept was not entirely new. Indeed, there were several restaurants located across the globe that are using the same concept. I think I’ve heard it before too somewhere, but it was not until recently when I heard a real experience directly from my friend that I was curious to read further about it. Word of mouth is still as powerful as ever!

So, for those of you who are on the same boat as me, and as curious as ever.. let’s reveal this darkness!

DarkImagine a view like this for dinner – a total pitch darkness. You can’t see the cutlery, the table, the food, not even your own hand in front of you.

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The Icing Room: Be creative and decorate your own cake!

Looking for a special gift for your mom this coming Mother’s Day? How about a personalized cake of your own?

Something like this, perhaps?

Mother's Day Cake - The Icing Room

Or.. you think you can do better?

Visit The Icing Room and pour your creativities on the canvas in the form of a plain cream cake! The Icing Room is a first first-ever specialty concept shop that offers Design-It-Yourself (DIY) cake decorative services (The Icing Room, 2014).  At The Icing Room, you can turn a simple plain cream cake (in various sizes and flavors) into a special personalized cake created with a touch of love and well wishes made by your own hands. The concept is closely linked to co-creation business strategy where customers are involved in the final products their receiving by physically decorating their own cakes to their styles and likings. Continue reading The Icing Room: Be creative and decorate your own cake!

Nuffnang: Explore the potentials of the Blogosphere!

Recently, more and more blogs are flooding the cyberspace. From its traditional notion as a platform to share personal ramblings, blogs have now become a popular way of information sharing. From the new hype restaurants in town, the newly launched gadgets, to places to go abroad, all kind of information can be found in blogs. Readers acknowledge blogs for their information sources often because they perceive that the contents provide a first-hand experience of someone who is similar to them. Similarity draws people together and grows a sense of liking, which in turn increases the level of trust among them (Cialdini, 2001). Take my case for example. I found myself following a few bloggers whose words I trust for product reviews and recommendations because I feel that they are similar with me, in terms of age, preference, and lifestyle.

The growing popularity of blogs has now evolved into a new marketing tool used to advertise products or services. Advertisers started to acknowledge the influence of bloggers and turned blogging into an activity that pays. Having such business potentials has undoubtedly boosted the popularity of blogging phenomenon. Not only the bloggers could continue doing what they like, they could also earn money out of it. However, what are the odds that a blogger could earn money out of their postings?

To begin with, a blog needs to be popular enough to achieve a certain reach for advertisers to be willing to invest in it. Some popular blogs like engadget.comSmashing have millions of reader and already full-scale business  (See: Top Earning Blogs – Make Money Online Blogging). But, let’s put these established-business scale blogs aside. What I’m interested here is more on individual bloggers like (perhaps) me and you. How could a relatively novice blogger have enough offering for the advertisers? Continue reading Nuffnang: Explore the potentials of the Blogosphere!