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Splacer, the Airbnb for Events

As an event organizer are you bored of renting places that are analogous? Seeking for something novel and unique? As a space owner do you find it often pity that your space is being vacant most of the time? Want to help others but at the same time also benefit yourself?

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Pack Up and Let’s Go Somewhere!

Always wanted go on a vacation, but put off by the tedious work of research, planning and calculating the budget?

Pack Up + Go is a new type of travel agency that can get rid of all the hassle and frustration by planning the vacation for you! They make reservation for all the necessary accommodations, and they plan your itinerary to the finest details. Till now this sounds just like a mere extension of service compared to the traditional travel agency. But what really sets Pack Up + Go apart is that they will not reveal your destination until you leave (Packupgo, 2016). In a broad sense, this is similar to Hotwire, where the identity of the hotel remains secret till you have booked it.

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Hmmm.. They have got that too? Interesting…

For years, promoting products from the same category that the customers previously purchased from has always been the mainstream in recommendation systems, since it is more likely that products from the same category will match and correspond with customers existing purchase preferences. However, the focus of the recommender system research community has shifted their attention from accuracy-based recommendation strategy towards diversity-based recommendation strategy, this entails offering products from new category that the customer never purchased from. The shifted interest is mainly caused by the ever-increasing impact of long-tail phenomenon on the current e-commerce practice, instead of choosing the mainstream products people tend to search for niche products that can better serve their needs, the advance of recommendation systems is considered as a great stimuli of this effect since it reduces the search effort greatly.

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