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Our idea for a new business is called: Apptivity, what are you app to?

It is a mobile application that offers a platform for searching, choosing and planning activities for consumers in the Netherlands. There are many types of activities like concerts, sports events, performances, gallery openings and so on. We had the bright idea to simplify the time consuming activity search.
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Kunsthal, a Rotterdam museum, has employed the crowd for their next exhibition. The project is called Kunsthal MaakMee and started on May 14th with the first steps.

The project was structured as follows:  participants had to answer 14 questions with which the entire exhibition would be created, but first they had to choose between three ideas that collaborating musea pitched to Kunsthal. The idea chosen was about shoes. Then the 14 questions were cut up in three phases: content, design and presentation. The last step would be visiting the exhibition.

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