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‘Begin a Ring’ – Be the Artist


As a new business we are going to attempt to penetrate the ring and fashion shop industry, in a customer centric way, emphasizing on our customer strategy, and in essence creating a dual process of value.

Current situation
First of all, we’ve divided people into two groups of customers describing their needs and current situations. The information is gathered trough a conducted research at these types of customers: Continue reading ‘Begin a Ring’ – Be the Artist

The next step


Mass customization is actually old news. Already in year 2004, Joseph Pine told his story about this phenomenon at TED, a conference where idea get spread. The current market is more and more concentrating on the consumer. It is also called to be customer centric.

Today a new article was posted on marketingfacts about customer centricity. It proclaimes that we are at the very beginning of this new focus (compared to the traditional product focus). This vision will be effective for the gross but I think there is going to be a upcoming switch initiated by leading companies within 10 years. As the society is becoming more Continue reading The next step

Fray it !

Fray it

A new way of sharing your talents and skills in your surroundings. Fray it, offers people the possibility to discover and ask services in the neighbourhood, with an application on your smartphone.

For example, if you are an expert in making muffins and you would like to do something with it. You can show (fray) your neighbourhood that you offer people to teach them this specialty (adding a ‘fray’ on the map, looks like google maps). You can add a price to it and people may respond on it. It’s like a marketplace for product and services. On the other side, If you are looking for some activities or new skills, you can look on the map and look for something you like.

So they created a new channel for consumers and providers to buy and sell products/services. I think this is a new innovative tool (app) that will enhance entrepreneurial spirits. The community creates the value. It’s only not clear to me how these engineers (of Fray) make money. Maybe if someone would use this tool they can share this on the blog? I am thinking about a small fee but i would like to know for sure.