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The future of gaming – Early Access


Traditionally games were fully developed to completion in house by game developers and publishers. However, this process was time consuming and very costly and for independent game developers this was not really an option.  In recent years these game developers have increasingly used the ‘Early Access’ method of game development. Interested gamers can pay to have early access to a game which is offered to them in a playable state, but where the features are not all finished and the game may contain Continue reading The future of gaming – Early Access

Bike Customisation at Trek

Riding a bike in the Netherlands is part of everyday life, most people cycle to work or cycle to shops on a regular basis.  However, for some people, cycling is not merely a method of transport; it’s a passion.  For these biking enthusiasts a 50 euro second hand bike will not make the grade.  These cyclists are willing to pay thousands of euros for their specialist bikes.  To help match these highly demanding customers to a bike with all the features they need, Trek, an American bike company designed ‘Project One’, a bike customisation program.

Trek customisation

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