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Phonebloks and Project Ara, the revolution in smartphones customization

Phonebloks is a modular smartphone concept created and designed by Dave Hakkens, from the Netherlands. The concept aims to reduce electronics waste, to offer incredible customization, and to reduce upgrade costs associated with the 1-2 year upgrade cycle. By attaching individual third-party components – bloks – to a main board, a user would create a personalized smartphone. These bloks can be replaced at will if they break or the user wishes to upgrade, reducing the cost of upgrading to the user, much like the current desktop PC system of upgrading individual components. Bloks would be available in Blokstore, “an app store for hardware” where users could buy new and used bloks as well as sell back their old ones (1).

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Peer to Peer Networks

According to Wasko and Faraj, peer-to-peer networks are ‘self-organizing, open activity systems focused on shared practice that exists primarily through computer mediated communication’ (1). Some of the most popular and successful networks are those focused on finding solutions, exchanging best practices, building expertise, and those that also manage to generate meaningful social relationships (2).

One of the two networks we examine in our research is the Apple Support Community (3). It was created to provide support to Apple users, where they can ask questions about technical issues, but also share tips for a more in-depth experience of Apple products.  The other network we selected is Reddit, which is a community run by its users (4). It has Continue reading Peer to Peer Networks

Harley – Davidson Custom Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson is the most famous and successful manufacturer of motorcycles in the USA, dating from 1903, and specializing in heavyweight motorcycles and choppers. Their models are distinguished for their special style, originally meant for highway driving, but evolved into five different motorcycle categories, in order to match with any taste.

In the mid-80’s Harley-Davidson was facing serious problems because of the Japanese ‘invasion’ in the US market with great motorcycles that managed to outsell Harleys and make them seem rather out-of-date and old fashioned. It was that time when Harley-Davidson realized that they would have to deliberately adopt the looks and feel of their earlier machines in order to explore this ‘retro’ and customizable look they had (1). The Continue reading Harley – Davidson Custom Motorcycles