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More than a Game

First came the Super Bowl, then the Super Bowl ads, and then the publicity over the Super Bowl ads that exceeded the hype over the football game. Then followed video streaming on the Internet, which inspired more replays of the ads than of the game highlights.

In the past two or three years, Americans have taken yet another step toward the transformation of the championship football game from an athletic contest into a media phenomenon. Millions of us now view Super Bowl ads that don’t even run on the Super Bowl.

Here is some links that further investigate the exceeding effect of ads before, during and after a game:

In addition another link which gives information how to exploit games regarding advertisements:


How to make choosing easier

Consumers in recent days are always overloaded with too many products. Producers think this is the best option to keep customers satisfied. Despite the good intentions of producers, it only put more stress on costumers choices. Think about when you go to a shop overloaded with a wall of technically the same products, by only looking at it already makes you dizzy.

Ok, lets not only talk about buying or choosing products. Think for a second about how many choices you have to make within a day or a week. This is already keeping you occupied, let alone having to make choices to what pasta sauce to buy for dinner.

Over the past decades research shows that choice overload reduces:

1. Engagement

2. Decisions Quality

3. Satisfaction

A video by Sheena Iyengar: How to make choosing easier on the TED talks show gives some ideas how to help consumers in the choosing process. Also gives a indication how producers can present their products on the shelf.

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