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Tesco Homeplus

Last Thursday we talk about Tesco and the possible extensions for Tesco Direct. During the presentation we showed you a picture of the new Tesco Homeplus system. With this system you only have to scan the QR-code from the product and after that the groceries are delivered at your home. Tesco tested this new system in the subways of South Korea, with giant stickers of products on the wall. So while waiting the grocery shopping can be done! The next video is about why Tesco introduce this new system and how it works.

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Open innovation

In the world where we live everything must be faster, better and newer. Companies have to innovate and develop products/services faster then ever. With this challenge companies need to think different.

Open innovation is a new way of integrating customers during the research and design period of the firm. This picture below is a simple example of how open innovation works. Because of the new method, firms can choice between the traditional approaches or the new open approaches. The differences between these methods are showed in the table below.

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