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Twitch: a part-time job with 2 second shifts

Crowdsourcing has opened a lot of doors to creative minds to come up with all sorts of collaborative projects. It leverages the power in numbers in all sorts of business settings and innovation. When combined with apps, another huge gateway for people to offer services or get a cheap ticket into the business world, doors of unprecedented potential open up. The combination of crowdsourcing and computer apps opened the door for a new app called Twitch. This app was developed by Michael Bernstein and his colleagues. The idea behind it is fairly simple, the app replaces a phone’s unlock screen with an interface for crowdsourcing (Marks, 2014). Swiping to unlock the phone is replaced by carrying out a task. These tasks involve things such as choosing the better of two photos, verifying if a “fact” on a website like Wikipedia or answering single quick survey questions.

To test the viability of the app, 82 people were recruited and the app was installed on their phone. These users went by their daily routines and at the end of 3 weeks, 11,200 tasks were completed (Marks, 2014). Studies were carried out regarding the app functionality, and it was found out that a regular swipe-to-unlock move takes around 1.4 seconds and the quickest task of Twitch takes around 1.6 seconds. Of course other tasks take longer than that but can still completed withing a few seconds. This low cognitive requirement is the strong point of such an app. (Marks, 2014).

Samuel Johnston, spokesman for Open Signal company, stated that “Twitch’s process of solicitation is uniquely mobile in that it allows tasks to be tailored to an individual’s location and ties into the frequent and rapid interactions individuals have with their mobile devices,”. Therefore, there is a huge potential especially in consumer surveys. Continue reading Twitch: a part-time job with 2 second shifts Selling to the crowd

In an attempt to sell products at a much higher price than the market, and at the same time have people line up to purchase its products, some sites have developed how the traditional auction system works to involve large crowds of people and create a win-win situation for everyone.

Recent winning bids

One of the most notable Dutch websites in this aspect is The website puts a certain product for the general public to bid on. Each product auction has an expiry time, every time someone bids up, the expiry time is increased by 5-30 seconds to give the chance for others to counteroffer. The bids can be done manually or automated. Where a person can limit the number of bids he is willing to make and the systems bids for him/her in the last second of the desired item auction. Every bid costs the user 1 point, the point is worth 50 cents. Continue reading Selling to the crowd B2B market value co-creation

The industry of B2B (Business to Business) trade, the value co-creation stands as the main pillar around which this industry is built, especially in the modern world. Business to business transaction volume currently is much higher than business to consumer transactions (Richard, 2008). What is meant by value co-creation in this context is the value addition to the online B2B marketplace such as and

Furthermore, there are properties and attributes associated with B2B industry that are not present in the everyday B2C (Business to Consumer) environment and so impose a certain number or risks and difficulties on the traders. Such properties and factors include (Kasera,2006): Continue reading B2B market value co-creation