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Customer Loyalty and Long-Term Sales

Hi everyone, this article gives you the newest insights into loyalty programs reveal the best ways to engage customers, we know all about the classic ways in loyalty’s programs and here are the last insights by Kim T. Gordon, columnist at and President at National Marketing Federation in Miami.


Customer Loyalty Brings Long-Term Sales by 

Involving Customers in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Do you have a social network account? then you are already involving a business…

You’ve created a top notch Facebook page, a happening Twitter feed, and an engaging blog. But your customers just aren’t interacting with you the way you hoped they would. How can you improve customer engagement with social media while not wasting marketing dollars or expending more time and effort than you can afford to? Start by changing these four things.

Focus on Relationships, Not PitchesPeople flock to social media venues because they want their voices to be heard. Your target market doesn’t want to know about you per se; they want to know what’s in it for them. Focus on building relationships by responding promptly to customer questions and concerns, letting your personality shine through in your posts, and incorporating new methods and deals that put your customers’ needs and wants first.
Be Transparent

When customers point out genuine problems with a product or service, focus on fixing it rather than denying it. You won’t lose a customer over one faulty interaction, but you will lose that customer and all his friends by blaming the problem on him or by downplaying his needs. It’s also important that your followers see you as a real person and not just a business. Include personal touches in your blogs and Facebook posts and respond with a genuine thank you and personal comments to any feedback you receive.

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