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I happened to stumble on this very interesting application called Nike BOOM. When we think about Nike we think about top athletes and this application helps you to experience being a top athlete yourself!

It works like this: You just pick one or multiple of the many well known athletes and set up a custom playlist. Then you can start working out. Every once in a while the chosen athlete(s) will interrupt the song played and give you a motivating speech. Just like they get from their own personal coaches.

To make this application even better, you can share your work out on facebook. I think this is an important feature, because many people like to brag on facebook. Besides that it also keeps track of your history, so you can check how much progression you have made.

Here is a video that shows the free application

Hope you guys like it

Ruben Agterberg

SkinID: Personalized acne solution

Hi guys,

SkinID is a new product that is based on unique customer needs. It is a personalized product for your skin. It works as following: On their website ( you can evaluate your skin. You have to fill in some data like age, gender and skin type. Then there are some questions about your skin. The possible answers are very clear. After you have filled in 18 steps you get a personalized skin product just for you. I think this a good example of a product that uses consumers information to create the product itself. What do you guys think about it?

Rube Agterberg