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MyPaper (group 5)


Hi all!

Here is a short management summary of our innovative business idea as a recap on our presentation yesterday. Our report is available on request!

The consumer group of interest consist of two subgroups. The first consist of consumers who want to buy a newspaper but are not interested in having a subscription. This group mostly buys a newspaper “on the go”. The second group are consumers who have a subscription and want to receive the newspaper at home every morning. Both subgroups Continue reading MyPaper (group 5)

Wear your computer as a bracelet!


Sony Concept Bracelet Computer by Hiromi Kiriki

After our lecture in which we heard about Project Glass, the innovation of Google, I found this other really cool innovation.
This innovation relates to our topic ‘creating great experiences’ and is a vision for the future! It uses technologies to create future consumer value. This innovation greatly increases capabilities and improves customers’ life. Unfortunately, this is only a concept and some say that this product is far from being launched. Approximately around the year Continue reading Wear your computer as a bracelet!

“Use waiting time as shopping time” (Individual blog – Rachelle Leukel)

Nowadays, we are living in an extremely fast-paced world. Somehow it seems like many people are always in a rush. Everyday activities and necessities may even seem to become burdens. One example of this is doing groceries.

But, do not worry! The solution might not be far. Actually, in South Korea it already exists. South Korea is one of the most hard working countries and many do not have the time to go to the supermarket. Tesco has been working on an innovative way to engage the consumer in order to make grocery shopping more convenient.

After an initial trial in July of 2011, Tesco Homeplus opened the “world’s first virtual store” in the subway in Seoul, South Korea. The walls, pillars and screen doors of the subway are Continue reading “Use waiting time as shopping time” (Individual blog – Rachelle Leukel)