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Fund your way to court

In June 2015, a new crowdsourcing platform has founded in Australia. In comparison with other crowdsourcing platforms, this one is not about raising funds for new ideas, products or problem solving, no this one is something special. In Australia, there are several problems regarding the justice system. Annually, there are more than 150.000 vulnerable people denied from community legal centers. Furthermore, Federal Court fees have become unaffordable for many because of the increasing fees. Therefore, self-represented litigants have risen to 27% in family courts trails. Many justice issues that occur are for instance; housing issues, exclusion from services, credit issues or family breakdowns.

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Philips: Brings the hospital in to the living room

Nowadays, we are living in an era of being connected anytime, anywhere and anyplace. In our day to day lives, mobile devices, applications and cloud are everywhere. Philips, the most innovative company with regard to healthcare, has used this with the development of the HealthSuite Digital Platform. The cloud-based health platform provides a secure data collection for hospitals and care providers to improve decision making for patients. This platform enables a personalized healthcare program with ‘connected health’ and opens a new era for consumers, patients and care providers. In collaboration with Salesforce, Philips has developed a platform that moves healthcare from the hospital to the living room and our daily lives.

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Next year, I am really going to sport…

This year I am really going to sport more, eat healthier and lose 10 pounds. New Year’s resolutions, we all love them. Losing weight and staying fit occur on most people’s top 10 list, and sales in sport attributes surprisingly increases in the months after Christmas and New Year. In order to stick to my new year’s resolutions, I wanted to purchase new running shoes. Nowadays, thousands different sorts of shoes are being offered on the internet. With the large amount of running shoes being offered, a third-party product review by for instance Runner’s World would come in handy. Runner’s World is a dominating consumers website and has got an important role in buying behavior of a customer interested in running attributes. The website have got an annual running shoe review and ranking which has got an impact on sales of the companies.

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