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Secret Cinema – the most immersive experience for film lovers

Hi everyone I have a wonderful example related to the experience economy we spoke about recently. It is called “Secret Cinema” and hope will be as new and exciting as I found it when I run into it today online.
How it works?
Tickets are released about a month before the event, and sometimes sell out within hours. Everyone buys them without knowing which film will be shown, or where, but they promise a unique experience: a screening (probably a cult classic) in a lively atmosphere that includes characters re-enacting scenes, thematic installations, related food and drink and some audience interaction. Events take place every couple of months, and each one is held in a different unknown location say an abandoned theatre, a disused hospital, underground tunnels- revealed to ticket-buyers only days before. The company’s website is deliberately oblique, but it is the gateway to a lively presence across social-networking sites, where organizers plant clues and fans try to guess the next film.
Ever since a few hundred people gathered to watch “Paradise Park” one night in December 2007, Secret Cinema has increased tremendously. This spring 12,000 attendees ended up descending on the Old Vic Tunnels in London for a mysterious cinematic adventure during a three-week run of screenings. In the past year Secret Cinema has held events as well in Berlin and New York, and organizers are looking for locations in Rome.
For its founders Secret Cinema is an alternative to the “disappointing” experience of the multiplex for many film lovers. Yet his ambitious events are in danger of sacrificing film appreciation to spectacle. You can watch “The Battle of Algiers” on a medium-sized screen with the occasional chatter of people in the bar next-door, partitioned off with merely a velvet curtain across a doorway. So those who prefer a cinema experience of luxury seats surround-sound and a panoramic screen should look elsewhere. The appeal of Secret Cinema is in the full event, from light mystery to dramatic culmination.
As the directors of the company sees film as a useful medium for inspiring dialogue and debate they try to choose movies that will not only entertain the audiences but will also give them something that makes them think. That certainly makes Secret Cinema a totally immersive experience. Every new movie or better call it event has a crazier idea about destination to be projected .For example “Catch Me If You Can” was displayed on a Virgin Atlantic flight. Next time could end up in the middle of the desert…there are no rules because it is a secret 🙂
If that was not curious enough I will add that on Dec 2011 in a dusty, dimly lit Kabul basement, British cinema fan club ‘Secret Cinema’ launched another movie event outside Britain  bringing costume, audience participation and light-hearted mystery to the high-security Afghan capital:)
In my opinion this is the greatest thing to happen to cinema this decade (way more than 3D anyways). Just think of all these people who will get to see great films they would have never thought of watching before. All because they thought they were being trendy:)

Check out if their next event is nearby so you can participate: :

Here is a short video from BBC presenting only a glimpse of the magic:

…and couple of past film premieres:
Secret Cinema presents Lawrence of Arabia.
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