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Hi everyone,

Our business proposal is….! is a master search website where you, as a prospective or current master student can find all master related information.

As we detected some problems with the current websites student use for this goal, we figured that we, as students, can do better!

With our competitors analysis and customer survey (remember filling in our survey last week ☺ thanks for your help!) we found what the problems were and what customer needs we had to fulfil.  Continue reading – Team 4 Business case 🙂

Unox New Years Dive

As we have been speaking a lot about customer experiences that are related with brand (like the Heineken experience) I started thinking about other similar examples where this happens in dutch society.

Unox is a ‘Authentic Dutch’ ( brand of Unilever and Unilever has created a really famous yearly event – The Unox New Year Dive in Scheveningen. All hats, handgloves, etc. are sponsored by Unox and after dipping in the sea you can eat all Unox Continue reading Unox New Years Dive

Mass Customization implementation

During class we have discussed the concept of ‘Mass Customization’ a lot and after the article group 7 posted I am always curious about why many companies fail to implement this concept.

The following article that I found actually explains what steps you have to take to implement mass customization.

It gives insights in how you should reorganize your business to be able to benefit from mass customization. First of all the authors of the article explain that you should not see mass customization as an exotic approach but a strategic mechanism that can be applicable to most businesses as long as it is properly understood. You should see mass customization as a process within your business that you should align with your customer needs.  To be able to do this you should implement three organizational capabilities: Continue reading Mass Customization implementation