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Image is a platform of creativity, which gives a chance to talented and passionate with music people to become famous and supports the co-creation of songs in a way that they meet the preferences of customers. The company will play the role of the intermediate and link the customers-artists with big record labels.

This table depicts the key benefits of the existing systems in the music industry: Continue reading

Your New Eye


After studying the article “The Typology of Human Capability”, I found an Application for iPhone and iPod Touch that seems the perfect example of technology used to assist humans in their everyday life by expanding the capabilities and knowledge.

Its name is Metro Paris Subway and claims that is “Your new eye”. It is an augmented reality application, which improves the senses of humans by broadening the perspective of an individual. Furthermore, it enables users to see in real time on the screen of the iPhone the nearest stations and some points of interest using the camera live view. Continue reading Your New Eye

Social Media for Publishing companies


As I read the UnME Jeans Case I was wondering whether all companies can use social media to advertise their products. A category of companies that came quickly into my mind was publishing companies.

Is it therefore wisely for publishing companies to advertise their books through social media?

Many will think that the target group for a publishing company consists of people of old ages that are not interested in social media, as a result the idea of advertising through social media will seem a joke. However, in such a competitive market where companies Continue reading Social Media for Publishing companies