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Cholera and Malaria for sale on the streets of New York

Since we discussed Word Of Mouth in session 9, I am very impressed by the stunts that companies arrange to create positive Word Of Mouth. When I searched on the internet for more examples of positive WOM, I found a website with the top 7 Guerilla Marketing Events. These events are organized to create buzz. There is one example that intrigues me greatly: The dirty water vending machine. This Guerilla Marketing Event has conquered the fifth place in the ranking, but is certainly not less impressive as the winner. The video shows a vending machine on the streets that sells dirty water and a guy that walks on the streets selling dirty water. No one wants to buy from the guy. Be honest, because: no one wants to drink dirty water. Even though no one buys from the guy, there are a lot of people that buy the dirty water from the vending machine. The yield from the sales went to Unicef that bought clean fresh water for people in third world countries. The stunt was on the national television.

The top 7 Guerilla Marketing Events are posted on the website:

I would say have a look onetime because some events are very impressive!

Marjon Koster

Where good ideas come from

When I was searching on the internet for some nice ideas to post on our blog, I found a nice YouTube example of a book from author Steven Johnson. Steven Johnson is one of the most innovative thinkers. The book is called: “Where good ideas come from”. In the video Johnson explaines what the key factors to generate great ideas really are.


Marjon Koster