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Corporate car sharing: want or don’t?

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Most of us are on the verge of applying for jobs in order to take the next step in adult life: the working kind. Now imagine that for whatever reason you do not have a driver’s license, or maybe even more important: you do not have a car. You will happily start off taking the train to work, or try to find a coworker living near you own home to be able to carpool to the office. But I bet you dollars to donuts that you will get fed up with that hassle sooner or later. The train will probably be late more often than it arrives on time and carpooling to work will become synonym to not being able to leave home or the office whenever you want. And then? What other options are out there?

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Fitgirls, they are everywhere!

Probably everyone has at least one friend in their social network who keeps posting pictures of healthy food, work-out videos or even bikini pictures on social media websites to update all their how healthy they are being. The pictures or videos are probably also accompanied by inspiring quotes, recipes with superfoods or their opinion on how easy and fun it is to get in shape! Yes, I am talking about self-proclaimed ‘fitgirls’ and how they are starting to take over our social media homepages.

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The dark side of value co-creation: value destruction


The phenomenon of consumer value co-creation is currently one of the newest holy grails for firms. Entire books, classes and a lot of literature pay attention to it and many of the ‘new business promises’ employ this particular mechanism (Walker Smith, 2016). Examples are well-known business models such as Uber, Tinder, Airbnb etc. The focus of this phenomenon first rested on co-creation of the actual goods or services, but has recently shifted towards co-creation of value, experience or relationships (Vargo & Lush, 2004). As a result, marketing has switched towards the service-dominant logic, where the importance of service provisions are fundamental to economic exchanges (Vargo & Lush, 2004). The good or service itself is no longer the main value to consumers, but the perceived experiences enabled by this good or service is (Woodruff & Flint, 2006). This gives firms more opportunities to get close to their customers and earn their loyalty. Thus, at first instance value co-creation sounds like a clear road to success…

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