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Philips Healthcare Community [Case Study]

Following the Accelerate! program by 2014 Philips split in two stand alone companies: HealthTech and Lightning Solutions (Philips, 2014). The HealthTech company integrates technologies and designs into people-centric solutions. To do so they have to be at the center of thought leadership and connected to their key audiences to make them aware of Philips B2B healthcare offerings. From this, the challenge emerged how to generate insights from their key audiences and increase brand affinity and engagement (LinkedIn, 2011).

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Design Decisions for Enterprise Social Media

During the volcano eruption of Iceland in 2010, the Dutch airline KLM used Twitter Hash tags to provide aid to stranded passengers. It’s not the only digital service they offer, passengers with severe complaints who express themselves on Twitter of Facebook can expect polite and helpful solutions for their grieve. For most companies marketing through online platforms is the starting point for participation in online interactions with customers. However the majority has lagged behind in adopting social media platforms for accomplishing business purposes more effectively and efficiently, such as talent management, innovation and operations. Problematic is the unnatural translation of social media such as Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter into those that can pursue organizational objectives. This blog post proposes a practical and systematic framework to consider platform features, questions and unique capabilities. In effect the framework reduces the complexity of the social media landscape into a manageable set of decisions points.

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