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In 2013 there were 8 milion cars in the Netherlands, on only 41526 km². That means a lot of cars in this little country. When living here, and going outside you will probably come a cross some cars. Especially in big cities there are cars all around, you have to watch out not to get hit by one! We from CarSticker saw this as an opportunity. Use these cars as outlets for advertisement, easy and quick, with car stickers. We see this happening in commercial sectors already. Like this cab in London.

For small companies and enterprises this way of advertising is easy, quick and not very costly. The company designs its sticker, fills in a form with its requirements for the Sticker ‘wearers’. The number of individual drivers in the database who actually meet their specific requirements will constantly be uploaded and displayed. Continue reading CarSticker

Etsy – selling crafts online

Etsy, in a nutshell is a website that connects sellers and buyers on the field of handmade products, vintage and crafts. A long time ago people who wanted to buy crafts had to go to markets there were held not that often and had to have the luck that someone was selling what they were looking for. These times are passed now that Etsy is online. On this platforms sellers can put their products on the website for $0,20 and only 3,5% of the selling price goes to Etsy. There are sellers who make crafts or vintage in a wide range, from jewels till special handmade cutting boards. The buyers are people who search for something special and find it here as all products are one of a kind and/or handmade.

– hipster behind a Macbook –

The search for something that is unique is something that a lot of people want these days, there are certain social groups where this is very important (of course the hipster community: This is in line what Saarijärvi et al. (2013) wrote about value co-creation; customers demand a more active role in production. Buyers are proud of what they found via this website. Not only the big and well known artists are there to buy, but there is a lot of room for small sellers for example girls that make their own juwelery in their room sell their crafts here (very pretty: ). Continue reading Etsy – selling crafts online