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Computer Elves

The Computer Elves will save your computer!

Have you ever encountered problems in your computer that no amount of Google search could help with? We’re pretty sure most of you have. On top of that, when you do find what you think is your saviour; they’ll make you pay out of your pockets. If only life were simpler, right? Our group thought about ‘The Computer Elves’, a customer to customer platform that matches demand and supply of software and hardware services through an online tool that isn’t just user friendly but affordable as well.


The platform has double access: you can either register as freelancer or as a customer.Freelancers would mostly be students of Computer Science programs or other related disciplines. They can register and create a profile on the website on which they specify their skills, their certificates, their academic and working experience. When registering, they have to mention all the types of services they are able to offer.

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Crowdupping: Crowdfunding skills and resources

You are sure you have that million-dollar idea that will change the world. Or you want to produce that product that will attract thousands of customers. But you don’t even know where to start… you have the idea but lack the practical expertise.

Why not crowdfund your start up?

Crowdupping is a portal where you can share your start up project and look for a team or material resources, in exchange for a share of the future profits. The idea is quite different from the classical notion of crowdfunding. Normally, if you try to create a project through word of mouth on the net, you can ask users only monetary contributions, ranging from a few cents to millions, and give in exchange a product or service. There exist also equity based crowdfunding platforms, so nothing new in giving some shares to funders.

So, why is crowdupping different? The platform will actually help you search for the skills or the necessary non-monetary resources you would need for the project.


After registration, the user can upload a sketch of the idea, attaching photos or videos describing the project. Subsequently, the creator indicates the skills he needs (e.g. mobile app programming, visual designing) or the resources (e.g. an office or a computer). In return, he may offer part of the shares or profits that will derive from the project. Other users will then be able to apply and supply the needed means. At this point, the founder of the project can choose the co-workers, after controlling the curriculum or materials offered by the applicants.

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I don’t know what to wear… people help me out!

It’s that time again… you open your wardrobe, stare at a pile of clothes but you soon come to realize you have nothing to wear. Or maybe you do, and you just need some creative advice on how to match that lovely dress you bought two months ago, with the price tag still on it.

A personal stylist would be really handy in this case, but what if you could actually have a personal styling community for free?

The mobile app Jaqard, a social network for fashion enthusiasts, might be exactly what you are looking for. It was launched October 2013 for iOS and it will soon be also available for Android.

To exchange fashion tips, the user posts a picture and asks a question:

How could I pair these new shoes?”2

He will receive feedback from other users, who can give a personal advice

They would look great with that white dress you posted three days ago.

but also choose the perfect match from a combination of clothes from an integrated catalog, linked to the fashion brands and online shops.

In a user-friendly and very visual platform (all the advice must be accompanied by a picture) the developers were able to co-create value for all the parties involved:

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Reoose: give value to the objects you don’t use

Our houses are full of perfectly functioning objects that we do not use, cannot resell or give away as gifts. When something is not used and left in the basement or the storage closet it is automatically losing its value and will probably be thrown away. Of course there are many second-hand/swap stores and online platforms, but sometimes it might be difficult to place and sell an object and assess its market value.

Reoose is trying to solve these problems. This Italian online “eco-store” is based on what the funders call “asynchronic barter” to promote sustainable consumption and avoid waste. On this website it is possible to exchange items that have no value for the owner, even if new, and give them a “second life”, all without the use of money.


But what does “asynchronic barter” actually mean? And what is the difference with other second-hand websites?

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