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Simplicity is the magic word when it comes to consumer inputs?

As many of you have discussed about, ease of use is very important for a toolkit. A nice reallife example for this comes from the games industry. Valve, creator of the very popular game Portal 2, released a toolkit that allows the players of this game to make their own maps and share them among their friends and in the community.

This toolkit is called a “map editor” in the games industry, and is far from a new concept. However, creating map editors for games starts getting more tricky as games get more complicated. This is why the programmers had to step in and create a nice tool that simplifies the whole experience and allows people to create an infinity of content. This keeps the game fun for a long time. Continue reading Simplicity is the magic word when it comes to consumer inputs?

Where to outsource customer service to next?

Customer service is something that many companies think of as very important. Especially for premium brand products and services a good customer service is one of the differentiation points. Yet, in practice the customer service is always worse then companies would make you believe. I don’t recall the last time that I was actually surprised by the high quality of service I received. When I look online the complaints about customer service seem endless, which made me wonder: How can something that is perceived as important for many companies be so bad and what can be done about it?

A trend that is currently going on in the industry is outsourcing. Outsourcing production, outsourcing administration, and yes, outsourcing customer service. Highly trained Indian Continue reading Where to outsource customer service to next?