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Your Magazine (group 7)

Hi everyone!

As you all know by now, our new business idea is: “Your Magazine”, the best way to relax in your free time! The reasons why we picked this idea are numerous. When someone reads a magazine they feels more relaxed but also gain new ideas about topics of interest or may find interesting suggestions or solutions on a subject. Nowadays the topics offered by magazines are various, such as: sports, cooking, arts, fashion etcetera.

Some of the identified key benefits considering choosing a magazine are price, number of topics, authors/quality, frequency and effort. This means that when an individual is trying to make the best choice about buying a magazine, someone preferably wants a low price, Continue reading Your Magazine (group 7)

Since it is still Valentinesday, I decided to post a Valentine-like example of mass customization! Of course can this example also be used at any other extraordinary or any normal day 🙂 is a website where you can design your own real (Valentines) card and send them online to the person you want. Ofcourse you can pick from the already existing cards, but it is more fun to make your own photocard. There are a lot of possibilities in making these cards. For example, you can add sounds, pick your own handwriting or make your card extra personal with the so-called “Magic” program. It is even possible to send a gift together with you card. Continue reading

Funny Find: Lease a Jeans


Hi guys,

I have this so-called I Love Fashion News app on my phone, where newsflashes about fashion (what a surprise) are posted. Last week I ran into something really interesting, considering this Seminar. Unfortunately, this is a Dutch application and thus a Dutch article, but I will translate the most important parts in English for the International students among us.

Mud Jeans has introduced a new concept, called ‘Lease a Jeans’, which makes fashion available for everyone. How does it work? In stead of buying a pair of jeans and getting a receipt for it, customers of Mud Jeans sign a simple contract: you pay €20 for a specific pair of jeans, and after that you pay each month of your contract an additional €5. If you Continue reading Funny Find: Lease a Jeans