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Where is my shop? app – Search. Find. Shop.

We took a closer look at the situation: shopping in a place with which the customer is unfamiliar. Individuals have problems with finding the desired shops, particularly because they have no clue where the shops are situated. They are possibly not even aware of the existence of locally known shops. Therefore we created the Where is my shop? app.


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Experiencing the Winter Efteling

The article ‘welcome to the experience economy’  by J. Pine and J. Gilmore states: “as goods and services become commoditized, the customer experiences that companies create will matter most.

A good example of this is the Winter Efteling. The Efteling is a Dutch amusement park all focused on magic and fairytales. When the amusement park first opened it actually only had het sprookjesbos (the fairytale forest).  They expanded it with roller coasters and fairytale themed attractions like the fata morgana. Right now it really is an amusement  park for everyone, from children to adults. Continue reading Experiencing the Winter Efteling

Customer centricity – mini case

Customer centricity

Customer centricity has become more popular or even necessary over the past few years. Companies went from a product centered to a customer centered way of thinking. They became increasingly more aware of the need to increase focus on customer related factors as perceived by the customer, such as customer satisfaction, customer service, customer loyalty and quality. In other words, the essence of the customer centric paradigm lies not in how to sell the product but rather on creating value for the customer. It therefore focuses on  meeting the needs of individual customers. Continue reading Customer centricity – mini case

Design it yourself – HEMA

We have talked a lot in class about customization and there are many ways that firms can choose to implement it, I will discuss the example of design it yourself by HEMA. HEMA is a Dutch department stores which offers good quality products for a fairly low price (compared to the other department stores in the Netherlands).

HEMA has their own design it yourself ‘store’ on their website where you design anything ranging from clocks, aprons, photo albums, calendars, bicycles, wine labels and bags to cakes and baby clothes.

The toolkit for designing these products is really simple and it gives a good picture of what Continue reading Design it yourself – HEMA