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“What does it cost to sit there for a day?” “Nothing.” “Why? Do you pay for the Wi-Fi then?” “No, Wi-Fi is for free.” “Then you’ll definitely pay too much for the coffee?” “No, you pay nothing. Even a full lunch is included.” “What? How do they earn their money then? There is nothing free in this world!”

This is the kind of the conversation I had with a friend of mine, that tried to explain the concept of Seats2Meet. Of course, Seats2Meet is not really a concept for poor students looking for a free lunch, but what is then?


The concept of seats2Meet is actually not about money, but about social capital.The idea revolves around the growing group of self-employed professionals that still want to work with you, but not for you. Seats2Meet calls them ‘Knowmads’, being people that are no longer bound to traditional organizations, but organized their professional careers around a (virtual) social network. These people want to engage with potential stakeholders, for exchanging information and knowledge, which eventually could lead to doing business together. These contemporary networks, are called ‘Mesh-Networks’ and to create these networks, virtual and physical locations are required. Seets2Meat facilitates these physical and virtual locations and here professionals can work, meet, exchange information, create new products and services and add value to each other’s work (Saarijärvi et al., 2013). Of course money needs to be earned to keep the story of Seats2Meet going, and therefore people have to pay for hiring meeting rooms. However, this is also being done differently, since you do not pay for the room, but for the number of seats you need.

The reason behind these ‘Mesh-Networks’ facilitated by Seats2Meet and, is the creation of a social community (Batemen et al., 2011). Continue reading Seats2Meet

Conscious Me

Were you ever looking for this great fair trade sweetshop in Amsterdam? Conscious Me is a new social platform that lets its members share tips about greening your life and post new ideas that matter to a more sustainable world.

The term crowdsourcing first mentioned by Jeff Howe (2006), is based on the notion of institutions using collective intelligence of a large network of people to create value and develop new products and services. However, some people believed that crowdsourcing can also have another dimension and can be used in the sense of harnessing the collective knowledge or ‘consciousness’ of people, to create a better world.

sharing what matters for a more sustainble world

This has recently led to the creation of the online community Conscious Me (Bateman et al., 2011). The founders of this community shared the idea that people should have a place where they could inspire each other for a more conscious way of living. The Conscious Me community is based on the existance of information asymmetry, where the party that is in need for information should be combined with the people that have the required problem-solving capabilities (Hippel, 2005). To this end, a social platform and virtual pinbord was created that allows members to share conscious products, places, people, technologies, etc.

show people you think it mattersHow the platform works is that if you have a cool idea ‘that matters’ you go to the website, write a description of what you want to share and you upload it to the platform. Other members can find your post, by searching the list of posts or by using a map that helps you to find local tips. The community is based on voting by using the ‘IT MATTERS’ button, which members can use to show they believe that someone’s contribution to the platform is important (Malone, 2010). So, next time if you’re looking for greening-up your life, you type in your location and ideas should immediately pop-up in your screen! Continue reading Conscious Me

I StumbledUpon something…

Are you in for something new that fits your interests and do you want to look further than the ordinary websites? Do you still have room left on your bookmark toolbar for great and unexpected webpages? Go visit StumbleUpon and ‘stumble upon’ your new favorite website!!


StumbleUpon is an online recommendation agent that uses personal preferences of you and others to create so-called virtual communities. These virtual communities consist of like-minded users that share mutual goals or interests and therefore share certain web-surfing behavior. The virtual networks are used to coordinate the websites that users ‘stumble upon’, based on their listed interests and the recommendations of peers and friends (serving as a sort of ‘word-of-mouth’ referral). Don’t worry that the whole website will be full of ads, or that you are secretly redirected to websites only developed by paying advertisers. Only a small part of all StumbleUpon websites are open for advertisers and these ‘stumbles’ will also be matched to the user’s preferences. Besides, also for these websites stumblers can click ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ and rate the content of the page (Stumble Upon). Continue reading I StumbledUpon something…