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A New Way Of Crowdfunding

“Would You Pay $1,000 Once to Get Free Beer for Life?”

A brewpub and a coffee shop in Minnesota’s Twin Cities have successfully used this one-time payment method – a crowdfunding campaign with a twist. Is it the new model to follow for bars and restaurants?

Northbound: free beer for life for investing in a small restaurant with home-brewed beer

In 2012, in order to secure a bank loan and make their dream of opening a restaurant that served beer brewed right there at the pub come true, Amy Johnson and her business partners had to raise 220,000 dollars. The only investors they found, who offered to invest for a voting share in the restaurant, had no experience in the restaurant industry, and thus Amy and her partners decided to go on another path.

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Sita Sings The Blues

Is There A Business Model For A Movie Without Copyright?

Sita Sings the Blues is an 82-minute animated film that combines autobiography with a retelling of the classic Indian myth the Ramayana. The film is written, directed, edited, produced and animated by a single woman, Nina Paley, who spent three years on the making. It also put her more than $20,000 in debt.

The film is extraordinary in many different ways, including the motivation behind its creation, the way it has been funded, and the way it is currently marketed and distributed.

In 2002 Ms. Paley followed her husband from their home in San Francisco to western India. There she became acquainted with the Ramayana’s tragic saga of the Hindu goddess Sita, who is exiled by her husband, Rama, who fears she has been unfaithful after she is abducted by a demon king.

While she went on a business trip to New York, her husband sent her an e-mail message telling her not to come back. In “grief, agony and shock,” she stayed in Manhattan, camping out on friends’ sofas. At one of her hosts, a collector of vintage records, she became familiar with Annette Hanshaw’s music. One of her songs was a perfect match together with Rama’s rejection of Sita. Ms. Paley being an animator herself, the idea of producing a film out of these elements came naturally to her, however, she didn’t have the money, or the emotional resources, to make more than a short film.

That film, “Trial by Fire,” turned out to be such a success that Ms. Paley started to expand it. “It sounds dumb, but the movie wanted to be made,” she said. “There was this music and this story. It was like: ‘Someone’s got to make this movie. I guess it’s going to be me.’” (Rochlin, 2009)

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Revolutionizing Live Entertainment

Tommyjams – The idea

One evening in 2011, chilling out at a Hard Rock Café in Hyderabad, Parth M. Saxena and Nikhil Kapur were struck by an idea. They were watching a band perform, and they liked it. However, they realized such small bands were getting so little opportunity to access performance venues, especially in cities far away. The way was blocked by a limited access to venue managers, chiefly through artists’ own contacts and referrals. This way, well-known bands and artists, who were the most networked, got booked for performances through their contacts, but a large number of semi-professional and starting bands did not get the opportunity to have performances – even though the demand was there and growing.

The two techies from Delhi College of Engineering, who were at that time working with Texas Instruments and Microsoft, respectively, decided to create a platform, which could democratize live entertainment for small and big artists alike, by connecting them directly with pubs, bars, malls or cafes, where performances happen, as well as with fans. Their technical knowledge and passions were at hand: Saxena had worked part-time as a freelance guitarist and vocalist for different music bands in Bangalore, and had a network of artists and bands to tap into initially. His partner, Kapur, brought in a very important complementary skill – venue management – as he had experience in managing venues for his employer, Microsoft, which hosted several events.

The TommyJams platform

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