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VandeBron (FromtheSource)

Is the energy supply in the Netherlands sustainable and green? If we look at all the  Dutch energy contracts in 2014, it shows that 63% of Dutch households had a green energy contract. This shows that people are choosing to buy green energy although this is usually a bit more expensive in comparison with “grey/unsustainable” energy (, 2016). 63% green? That means we only need 37% of the people to switch and all the households will be powered by sustainable energy! Not so fast…

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Reducing Risks of New Product Development

In today’s market it is increasingly difficult to adjust your products to the quickly changing preferences of customers. One of the consequences is that forecasting the potential sales is getting more difficult. It is very bad for businesses to launch products which turn out to be a failure. Most of the time new products launches suffer from failure rates of 50% and higher. The reason for this is mostly due to the gap between customer needs and the actual product. It is not because the product is not working well or because of bad design. (Ogawa & Piller, 2006)

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Crowdsource the future of transport

Elon Musk, the man behind Tesla Motors and SpaceX has brought the idea of a new transportation system to the public in 2013. He named it: Hyperloop. The Hyperloop compared to the current modes of transport is potentially much cleaner and faster than cars, trains or plains. It is most valuable for travel times between cities that are too far to drive and too close to fly. The idea is to shoot capsules with people or goods through vacuumed tubes at speeds of around 760 mph (1220km/h).

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