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Find babysitters recommended by your friends

Young parents are having a busy living. It is becoming more commonplace both the parents are making career, working hard, socialize with friends and of course going to the sports club 3 times a week. With such a busy schedule as parents, you need sometimes a babysitters for your kids. Most parents have their standard babysitting list, including the neighbors, their parents or that one good friend who is always there for you. However, there are always unexpected events upcoming, you don’t know beforehand. For instance, your wife is having a ladies night with the girls and suddenly your friend calls if you have the time to come over later that night for some important things. As usual you get the standard babysitting list, but unfortunately nobody is able to babysit that night for your kids because of the short term. Panic! Problem! What to do now? Get airBsit!

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Shipping made easy with Shyp

The e-commerce industry is growing faster and faster. Last decade we saw a huge shift from shopping offline to shopping online, which will has serious implications for physical stores. For example V&D, after a long time of struggling, the company finally went bankrupt. Following by Perry Sport and Aktiesport, which also went bankrupt last week. However, the shift to online shopping results in a logistical challenge because of all the packages need to be send. The delivery services from these e-commerce companies are becoming more efficient and customer friendly. However, if a customer wants to resend a product or want to ship a product to another place around the world,  this will lead to time-consuming and complicated actions for the customer. Shyp provides a solution for these shipping struggles.

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When Does Retargeting Work?

Have you ever been looking for new sneakers on several sneaker-websites and suddenly on the next visit on that website are the shoes you have been clicking on recommended for you? Or have you ever been looking for a new mobile phone and the next time you visit the website, exactly those mobile phones you have clicked on are showed on the front page of that website. Or even worse, exactly the shoes or mobile phones you have been looking for are shown in ads on several websites in banners for instance, on Facebook. What a coincidence! Continue reading When Does Retargeting Work?