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The Evolution of Online Product Recommendations

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It is unfortunate that I cannot be in class with you, but I believe that you have already talked about product recommendations and their importance. In this article “Different Approaches to Online Product Recommendations“, by David Moth, one can see many different types of online product recommendations. Due to Amazon’s reputation most people would be familiar with the collaborative filtering, but there are some other really interesting types, such as the “what’s happening right now” tool, which has many social aspects. Please check and tell me your opinion! 🙂





Here is a very interesting interactive video ( When you open it click on ”pause”, change video quality, language and generally speaking, press any button available, in order to see the changes of the online environment. It is fun!

Last week, when we discussed the case concerning social media, we spent a lot of time on annoying, pop-up, youtube advertisments. Do you believe that an ad, just as interactive as the video I posted, could have a greater effect on a user than a conventional commercial?


Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding

Open innovation, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are terms that you may came across for the the first time during the class. Here are two great videos that explain those terms and show the way they can be used in real life.

The first one is an interview of Dwayne Spradlin, CEO of Innocentive Inc., a company that emphasizes on open innovation. He provides some definitions, raises questions such as ” should companies see their laboratory as their world or the world as their laboratory” and Continue reading Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding

Configurator Database

Hi all!

Yesterday, professor Dellaert refered to numerous examples of how firms try to activate the consumer in the supply chain. One way is mass customization, an essential and promising concept that gets more and more attention from firms and academia. Helping consumers find a product or service that completely satisfies their needs is the key point of mass customization.

Here is a website ( with over 40.000 companies that co-create their products along with consumers. As you can see, it concerns many industries, from apparel and cars to food and health. Please have a look and if you have some time customize your own product. I hope you like it!



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I would like to welcome you to the blog of the Consumer Channel Dynamics seminar. All the posts are extremely interesting and each one of them can be a start of a nice conversation or an inspirational source for your own texts or business ideas. Please spend some time navigating and take a look at the blog rules before posting. I hope you will participate with as much enthusiasm as last year’s students did. If you have any questions, you can send me an e-mail or  ask me at the seminar tomorrow.

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Youtube is thinking of a different ad strategy


I remember, some weeks ago,  there was a lot of discussion in class about advertising in social media. What are the types, how each type work and if these types are profitable. I found an article about youtube, which is redefining its advertisment strategy. It is a move to interest both audiences and businesses. As youtube’s Vice president of sales and marketing says:  “imagine if [the site] could help a company think through user behavior and create campaigns that leverage search, social capabilities and YouTube. . . . Everything will be more integrated.” I attach the link for the article and I hope you will find it interesting.,

George Panagos

The Giffgaff case…

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I came across a mobile virtual network operator company, which gives free SIM cards, lets its customers decide their tariffs and generally speaking handles control over to their customers. As it is not right to copy-paste the whole post that I have found, i am posting the link of a blog that speaks about it. It is pretty interesting. Enjoy…

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