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Did you know about Pinterest??

Since we have discussed so much about social media I thought you may be interested in learning some things about Pinterest, a brand new idea in the field of social media.

Pinterest is more like Flickr or Tumblr and not so much as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

I suggest you should read the article below to get a clear idea of what exactly is Pinterest and why not request an invite at!

What I found most interesting about this new media is that only after less than two years in business, Pinterest is already one of the most popular social networks in the world, as measured by engagement (according to data from comScore).

As you can see, it is ranked just below Facebook and Tumblr as the most popular site to hang out on.
Hope you find it interesting!

Fay Panagopoulou


What shapes social media?

Looking for information on social media I found this really interesting video: Social Media in Plain English

It presents the forces that shape social media in a clear and funny way, illustrated by a simple example of the creation of different ice-cream flavors and how consumers emerged into the whole process.

I found really interesting the fact that it takes into account how crucial was the opportunity given to customers; to express their opinion through describing, rating and commenting on different flavors of ice-cream.

It was clear that in this way:

1. The product improved based on customers’ direct evaluations

2. Free customer reviews was more useful than costly advertising methods

3. Customers had the opportunity to get exactly what they wanted

The example used is paralleled with social media tools like blogs, video share or podcasts.

After watching the video carefully I was persuaded that-as it is mentioned-social media is a great opportunity for companies to create and communicate with people that care!


Fay Panagopoulou

Customer centricity

Based on the article of Shah et al “The path to customer centricity”, I found this really interesting video of Ranjay Gulati, professor of Harvard Business School and author of “Reorganize for Resilience: Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business“. In this video he discusses on some points of customer centricity mentioning that you need to identify your customers and the issues that they have to deal with, in order for your business to be regarded as customer centric. He explains that what you are supposed to care mostly is to solve your customers’ problems.

He also mentions that you are not considered customer centered if you look at your customers just through the lens of your products!

Last but not least, he suggests that you should align yourself in a fundamental way around customers’ problems trying to address those problems!

I hope you will find it interesting!


Fay Panagopoulou

Why marketing through social media is better that marketing through traditional media???

Inspired by our course on Thursday and after having a discussion with George Panagos..I started looking for info about social media..when I found out the web-site of an agency called “Maximize Social Media”. This agency consists of consultants providing solutions on social media and how your company can establish its presence through them!
I got lost in their web-site for hours and after all I think that, like me, you will find this video really interesting!
It shows in a straight forward way the reasons why applying marketing through social media is better than doing so through traditional media.

In case you would like to learn more from them, I suggest you to visit their web-site!
I hope you will find it I did!

Fay Panagopoulou

Another example of mass customization..

We are heading to the 5th session of the Consumer Channel Dynamics seminar and I think that we all have a clear idea of mass customization. During lectures, presentations and after having read so many articles.. we have come across many examples of companies applying mass customization!
I noticed the web-site of  “Interflora”, a flower delivery network-company that gives customers the opportunity to design their own floral gift. The whole process is comprised of 5 steps;
1.    The customer has to select the recipient of the gift and the occasion for sending it,
2.    Select  the style of the floral gift,
3.    The flowers’ color,
4.    The amount of money he is willing to pay,
5.    The recipient’s details (address, phone number etc.).
I believe that the specific example is different  from what we have explored so far.
I hope you will enjoy it!

Fay Panagopoulou

Customer co-creation!

I found this really interesting post and thought that it would be a great idea to share it with you since it is so in line with the content of the “Consumer Channel Dynamics” Seminar. I hope you will also find it interesting and enjoy! It shows that customer co-creation is important not only during the product’s designing but mostly during the every day life, when the product is actually used by consumers. It is during the every-day life that customer co-creation gives value to the customer himself!

Kind Regards

Fay Panagopoulou