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Social Commerce: From Hi to Buy

In the above link you can view a very interesting article I found on the internet about the evolution of the social commerce. I chose to publish this article instead of one example because it explains very well the new trend of combining shopping with online social networks. In the article a lot of interesting examples are mentioned along with some statements from the people that have come up with innovative ideas and have created these new businesses. These new businesses seem very interesting to me. They are offering nice experiences of shopping,selling, socializing, recommending, even making a Continue reading Social Commerce: From Hi to Buy

Active customer involvement

During the seminar we have discussed a lot of times  how important is for a company to be close with its customers and maintain an active dialogue with them. Making customers a part of their brand story, companies can make them create positive experiences and associations that will engage them to the brand. Hence, more and more companies have been trying to encourage active customer involvement to their activities in order to build stronger relationships and affect them towards a more positive buying behavior. It is interesting to view examples of companies that find different kinds of ways to keep customers involved. I enjoyed a lot all the previous posts the other students made and also other examples I saw while searching on the internet. All that is needed is creativity and Continue reading Active customer involvement