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Morning, Sunshine!

That Google has an innovative attitude is hardly news to anyone. In August 2015 the company launched Project Sunroof, a project led by Carl Elkin that informs home owners on the suitability for solar panels. Only available in the US, the project expanded from just a few metropolitan areas back then, to over 20 US areas today. Once you type in your address and the current amount you spend on electricity, the website calculates how well panels work on your roof (in other words: how many panels would you have to install). This database contains information on the orientation of the roof, the height of  trees and buildings in the direct environment, and local weather conditions.

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Finding or Receiving Information? How Content Acquisition Affects Word of Mouth

While a vast amount of literature has been focused on the factors that determine why some people share more information online than others, only limited attention is spent on the context that influences the information distribution. This article focuses on the acquisition context. How do people get aware of the content? Do they find it themselves, or do they get it through others?

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Anything else?

For the fortunate among us that have a personal assistant, nothing new is being presented in this post. However, for those that still make their own breakfast and need to think about bringing food to the park themselves, reading this might open a few doors.

Nowadays, almost everything is available online. From ordering groceries and complete meals to outsourcing more personal matters as holiday booking and creating photo books. Still, for each of these things you still need to go to different websites, fill out different registration forms, and every time ‘explain’ who you are as a customer and what it is that you need. But some clever entrepreneurs have recognized this problem and started companies offering ‘all’. The best known companies are the American Magic, the German GoButler and also quite recently the Dutch uButler.

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