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Now creating apps is a piece of cake…

Create your own app: Conduit mobile

Mobile applications include everything nowadays. The App economy is showing huge growth and attracts interest of worldwide technology companies who seek new business opportunities. Analyst estimates for downloads of apps in 2013 range from 56 to 82 billion. By the end of 2014 there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people. More and more people are using mobile apps for their everyday tasks because is more convenient while have their smart phones all day in their palms. For that reason, mobile advertising is the new trend and for every business is a must to have its own mobile application in order to stay competitive and continue attracting more customers. Continue reading Now creating apps is a piece of cake…, Your friend with a car


What is it about?

Think of Lyft as on-demand ridesharing application that lets you order a car ride from one point to another and an affordable alternative to a cab. “It’s your friend with a car on demand,” says John Zimmer, co-founder of the San Francisco startup. In fact Lyft is a mobile app that uses real-time location data on your phone to let you find a background-checked driver in your area in minutes Continue reading, Your friend with a car