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Vayable: A Refreshing Way Of Experiencing A New Destination

The concept of sharing economy has taken the world by storm, where the spare resource available from “amateurs” could be utilized for others for a small compensation. allows taking travelling new places to the next level by enabling the locals to share their expertise and knowledge with the travelers by providing an off-beat experience. provides a platform where the resource is the time and knowledge of the local knowledge holders, and the platform facilitates matching the tourists with the specific tours provided by those knowledge holders.

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Trust As a Currency in Social Commerce

Not too long ago e-commerce transformed the way we evaluate and buy products. The ability to search for products from a vast selection, evaluate them based on their ratings and reviews left by other users, mostly strangers, of the products on the online e-commerce platform revolutionized the shopping and browsing habits. The advent of social media has brought about another big upheaval into this trend. Now, we take into account what our online “friends” or acquaintances are saying about those products. The power of our relationships and the higher trust we put on our online friends’ opinions has much bigger influence on our own view to the products we consume.

Continue reading Trust As a Currency in Social Commerce – A crowdsourced mutual fund sets itself apart by removing an expert fund manager from the helm of the fund management and puts the investors in the funds themselves in charge of decision-making for picking stocks and securities to invest on. Started in 1998 by Estonian entrepreneur Andrei Korobeinik, the startup uses the concept that tends to leverage the wisdom of crowd approach and democratize the process of choosing which stocks to buy and sell.

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