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Do you speak alien language?

Don’t you feel pain while watching your favorite sci-fi movies or series the alien talk with their weird language for 3 minutes and you just don’t have any clue on what you just missed? Or when watching your long waited action movie and the actors speak in 5 different languages for the whole 2 hours? On this point you might just hope that there’s a website where you can easily search for a subtitle for every film you watch. Well, there is! Just go to where you can type in the title of the movies or series along with the type of codec, resolution, etc (basically just copy the name of the file) and it will gives you the link to download the subtitle for the language of your choice.


Who uploads the file?

Subscene uses crowdsourcing to provide the content, every registered user can create and upload his/her own subtitle which later on will be available for public. Other users (either unregistered or registered) who already downloaded and tried the file are allowed to give numerical ratings and/or verbal reviews (1) to the particular file. In the subtitle details you can see how many people voted the file as good and how many voted as bad and also how the number of downloads. These features will definitely enable you to pick one of the most reliable file from a number of choice.

Where does the money come from?

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Take control from anywhere you want

Don’t you sometimes wish that you can just log in to another computer from your device while you are away from the host? Imagine when your grandparent calls you in the middle of the night, asks you how to open a web browser or plays video from his/her 19th century computer. Rather than spending hours to explain where to find the start button or your beloved Windows Media Player Classic, developers from Germany, back in 2005, came out with an application where you can remotely control host computer from distant, you can even use your smartphone or tablet as a remote device. This genius software called TeamViewer!

If you worry about the price to use this awesome and cool software, don’t! It uses freemium model (1) as its revenue model. When you installed the program, it will ask at the beginning whether you are going to use this software for individual or business purposes, and of course if you are not directly or indirectly paid with using TeamViewer you are eligible in using the private license (2). And yeah, it’s free for a private using!!

Well, this also yields a problem for the TeamViewer party since there is a grey area to distinguish the free and premium user. The company use the honor system which leads to user who supposed to opt for premium license can still choose the free version as the free license gets full access as well (2). In addition, the staggering price of $750 – $1500 if you want to get the full license which is relatively expensive. The only benefit for using premium version is the company will give a priority routing to make sure you get a more reliable connection and what so called TeamViewer Manager which provides database for billing and customers management (3).

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Darahkubiru: Behind a Community Platform

Started as a platform to virtually connect with other denim enthusiasts in Indonesia, Darahkubiru has gained popularity as a trustworthy source to gather many denim-related product reviews. Later on the owner decided to start a company based on the website.


Since 2009, Darahkubiru has been providing many interesting articles regarding denim and other fashion products, ranging from interviews with local brand owners to a proper product treatment. The primary purpose of this website is simply to attract Indonesian youngster to the world of denim as a lifestyle instead of solely about fashion statement ( After being online for several months and dozens of positive feedback given by its readers, the owner released a forum section in the website to better accommodate the readers communication with fellow denim geek. In the forum, registered users are able to exchange views, comments, and passion about certain product. Within 5 years, the website managed to attract a staggering 16,312 users.

Then how do they gain profit??

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