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Discover the world


For years, people are discussing about the future of paper. Some say it will never disappear wile others predict that everything will be digital soon. My objective is not to choose a side in this discussion but to show an example of a digital magazine in the context of digital experiences. I have been subscribed to the KLM iFLY magazine for years Continue reading Discover the world

Replicate yourself

Do you think that the world needs you twice? Professional photographer Jens made 400 duplicates of himself and called it the #GIJENS


Well for you it is possible as well! During my search I found a very special form of customization. You can duplicate yourself and make yourself even more epic. I am talking about the website and about another website which is called: I do review two ideas because the second is a very interesting new technology which can be used in the field of customization. Continue reading Replicate yourself