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Tinder for baby names

Every year various lists with the most popular names of children pass by. The SVB (Sociale VerzekeringsBank, 2016) did research about the most popular names of children born in 2016. Daan, Noah and Sem are the top three names of boys. The top three for girls is: Anna, Emma and Tess.

But (young) parents to be who do not want to give such a standard name to their child needs to spent a lot of time to choose the right name.

Hours of brainstorming and browsing through name books combined with hours of arguing will lead to a lot of stress for the young parents.

But there is a solution!

Zwitsal, a brandname of Unilever, which focuses on the baby and toddler product market, introduced the mobile app “Zwitsal babynamen”.

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A framework for emotional bidding

According to Ariely and Simonson (2003), online auctions have turned out to be “one of the greatest success stories of web-based services”.

Nowadays almost every user of the Internet did joined an online auction. The best know online auction is eBay, but there are lots of them. Focusing on The Netherlands, the most known auction websites are and If you ask your friends or family about their online auctions experience, they will probably have an experience to tell you. Often these stories are based on success or unsuccessful auction biddings, using emotional bidding. Ariely and Simonson (2003) found that 76.8% of the bidders perceive other bidders as “competitors” and refer to auction outcomes as “winning” and “losing.” This feeling about winning and losing is also discussed during class. Losing an auction will often lead to the feeling of wasting your time. Such feelings are part of human’s emotions, and that’s a link to the paper of Adam et all.

The paper of Adam et al is interesting because they are the first that made a framework for emotional bidding.

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Tikkie: simple and fast payments


You are drinking nice beers with friends in a pub, and suddenly the pub closes. One person needs to pay the bill in one transaction, how can everybody easily pay his or her part of the bill? Nobody wants to collect kilos of coins from their friends who want to pay their part of the bill. A simple solution is Tikkie.

Tikkie is a free application; this handy app lets you quickly create a payment request of your friends or family.

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