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Knozen: a rating system for personalities

Knozen is an app that started as rating and review system for colleagues. Now you can rate everyone you know anonymously. Knozen asks you funny questions about someone’s personality but also about your own personality such as: “Denise is more likely to leave work early for a date – true or false”. On each profile 12 characteristics are shown with a rating scale from 1 to 10. The answers on the questions in the quiz influence the score on each characteristic. As a result, a personality chart will give you an idea of someone’s personality.

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Neighborly: the crowdfundingplatform for public bonds

Over the last few years, municipal finance has become increasingly complex. It is not surprising that most people do not understand how public finance works. Required information is scattered over different places, multiple diverse projects are bundled as a single mega bond and the process is slow and bureaucratic. These characteristics make public bonds not public at all.
Neighborly, the crowdfundingplatform for public projects in the US, brings municipal bonds back to its roots by making it understandable and accessible for the public again.

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How to implement PWYW pricing successfully

Pay what you want (PWYW) pricing mechanism can be a successful promoting tool to boost your business. PWYW is in general perceived as more fun, innovative and benefits from higher word-off-mouth behavior than more traditional promoting tools such as sampling and discounts (Kim J.Y. et all, 2014). Nevertheless, the accompanying losses and especially the uncertainty of it, discourage companies from using this pricing mechanism as promoting tool.
This blog will teach you how to improve profitability of the PWYW pricing mechanism and how to decrease variance in prices paid.

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Skyscanner: Your digital traveling buddy

Skyscanner is a search-website for traveling. You can easily compare flight tickets from almost all flight companies on price, traveling time and location. Their mobile app is downloaded over 40 million times and it has over 50 million returning customers who use Skyscanner every month. It is because of the quality of the recommendation system (RS) that they have perceived a customer satisfaction rate of 8.2 (trustpilot). In this blog you will learn what the three key success components are of Skyscanners’ RS.

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