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The Kapsalon App: Review site and social network combined!

We assume many of you readers will know the “Kapsalon” to be a very popular snack in The Netherlands. Nowadays people enjoying the nightlife in every part of the country, search for the Döner kebab signs before going home. From our personal experience we know that this process can be a bit difficult from time to time, since the quality of the food is always a mistery.

We all had some bad experiences with eating Kapsalon’s we wish we had never eaten. This was our motivation to think of ways to add something to improve the process. The result of a brainstorming session was: The Kapsalon App!
The Kapsalon App will be developed for IOS and Android. It’s main goal is to make the Continue reading The Kapsalon App: Review site and social network combined!

My own experience!

We are redecorating our house and we decided to get wooden slats (houten jaloezieën) in front of the windows in the living room. We made an order in December last year and the company where we ordered the slats, told us that they could deliver it in the second week of January 2013.

The first week of January we received an e-mail with the message that our order was ready. But when we called the company, they told us that our order wasn’t complete yet.

A week later we received a second e-mail with the information that one of the wooden slats, the one in front of the kitchen window, wasn’t available in black because of the Continue reading My own experience!

Designing your own shoes..

Something women and maybe some men dream about.. designing your own shoes!

We all know the famous examples of Nike where you can create your own sportive shoes. But there are also several websites where you can create your unique non-sportive pair of shoes. I have found a fun and interesting website where women can create their own pair of heels. When you’re having trouble finding the right pair of shoes for underneath that particular dress or just want an exclusive and unique pair of shoes, Chiko Shoes is a good option for you!

With a few steps you can sketch and design your shoes. After 5 weeks of production, your Continue reading Designing your own shoes..