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Social media needs strategy

Just the use of social media because a competitor is also using the such channel to spread easier information into the world is history. Before the use of social media companies really needs to think about a realistic strategy. “It is also about realising that you don’t have to try everything, and, more to the point, that you can’t do everything, as that brings with it another set of problems.” 

Social media isn’t one size fits all. Not every platform is going to be right for every brand, and working out those questions in advance could save time and valuable resources and even avoid some costly mistakes.”

To be a succes on the internet by using social media channels like Twitter and Facebook Continue reading Social media needs strategy

Will 2013 be the year of the loyalty programs?

Yesterday group 4 presented the idea how to stay in touch with customers. There are many articles about customer loyalty, brand communities i.e.. The most remarkable thing, what I already mentioned in the presentation, is that the costs of loyal customers are not lower then the costs of new customers. Loyal customers wanted to be rewarded for the loyalty to a brand or a company.

The rewarding of loyal customers is not by definition an extra discount. The rewarding of loyal customers can also be an email with useful tips how to, for instance a grocery shop, combine different ingredients to make a delicious ‘midia’ (Greek food). This is needed to improve and maintain the customer relationship with a company or brand. Continue reading Will 2013 be the year of the loyalty programs?