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NFL experience

We already discussed a few examples of experiences with the minicase. But recently, as you discovered by previous posts, the SuperBowl took place.
This is a huge event in the U.S.A, so they try to differentiate through giving the customers a great experience. They do this with the ‘NFL experience’, it look a bit like Voetbal Experience which our group presented in the afternoon-session. The last NFL experience was the 20th already, they’re doing it for years now.
On their website they say that NFL experience is ‘the most exciting continuous event surrounding Super Bowl XLVI- pro football’s interactive theme park offering participatory games, displays, entertainment attractions, kids’ football clinics, free autograph sessions and the largest football memorabilia show ever.’

It’s really fun and engages the customers to participate actively. You have the autograph sessions where you can geth autographs of famous NFL-stars.  You can see the collection of all 45 superbowl rings, you can take a look at the locker room like it is on a match day. There is the NFL play 60 youth football clinics, this is for kids from 6-12 years; they learn about American football from NFL coaches and players.
You also have the NFL shop, where you can buy licensed merchandise of all 32 NFL teams . The customers are also active in the experience process; you have more than 30 interactive games!
They also have a special  Superbowl XLVI Memorablia show, this is a trading card show featuring show displays from leading exhibitors and rare collectibles.
This is a nice way for the customers to experience American football on their own way.
It fits with the requirements of creating a good experience.

You can check their website to get a clear few of the activities.


Eight realms of the multiverse

Dimitris already told us about the characteristics of experiences. You can divide an experience in two dimensions; participation and connection. Participation can be split in active and passive, and connection in immersion and absorption.

I find some additional information on this, Joseph Pine introduced the multiverse. This is a tool to gain insight about how we can use digital technology to create new en wonderous experiences that fuse together the real and virtual.

Reality is a trinity of time, space and matter. But there’s also a virtual based size, with no matter, no space and no time. Matter is about atoms, if there’s no atom it’s about bits. Space is about the real places we inhabit, but there’s also no space; the virtual world we explore.
Then we have time; the actual time that unspools in front of us. And you can have no time, it’s autonomous from the actual time.

We have time and no time, space and no space, and matter and no matter. This defines the eight different realms of the multiverse, it’s a more extensive model than the model we saw in class.

There are many examples to explain each realm, but I think this video provides good examples, it also summarizes the theory I discussed above.


Social media & ads

Nowadays it has become more important for companies to be in touch with their customers. We already learned that the social media is a perfect channel to interact with your companies customers, you can exchange ideas and get usefull feedback through social media like Facebook and Twitter.
But what are the key factors that determine the succes of a well organized page for a company?
It’s important to create a sufficient profile page, the following link(.pdf) illustrates how to structure and use a Facebook-profile to get your customers involved with your company. It could be usefull for later.

And look at this little girl, surely a marketing talent:)