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Synetiq- Crowdsourced Neuromarketing

For my third blogpost, because of my personal ties, I decided to research interesting Hungarian startups. In the past years, many interesting startups appeared in Budapest such as Presi or Tresorit, that inspired new founders and investors and boosted the whole startup scene in Hungary. The business I choose to present emerged from this creative boom and belongs to one of the most innovative and promising Hungarian companies.

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Your Google results matter: BrandYourself

Let’s be honest. How many platforms and websites are we on? Is it feasible to keep up with all our online data on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Alumni Websites ect.? At the same time, whenever we have to meet someone new, we instantly Google that person to get our first impression. Companies invest heavily in their online presence and Google results, but nowadays all individuals should consider putting more effort in personal branding. 1 billion names are googled daily and 75% of hiring managers are required to google job applicants. It is well known that recruiters often Google candidates, so we shouldn’t risk a new position or a potential new date with poor Google presence.

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Adaptive personalization using social networks

The study I choose examines the effectiveness of mobile adaptive personalization of mobile news channels by researching and answering the following three questions:

  1. To what extent can adaptive automatic personalization produce better results over time by learning more and more about the user?
  2. Is automatic adaptive personalization better than customization?
  3. How does the information about the users’ social networks’ preferences influence the performance of the personalization?the-value

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